1:48 Cat® 992C Wheel Loader Beadless Tire Version – Die-Cast


Closed Edition

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  • Fully detailed cab with opening door
  • Realistic and functional pivoted steering
  • Metal safety rails
  • Articulated pistons and dump bucket
  • Free-rolling tires with metal shoes
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

We have re-created the legendary Cat 992C with realistic steering, articulated pistons, Z-bar linkage, dump bucket, and a host of fine details. The Beadless version has individual metal shoes attached to the tires. Paint and markings are approved by the Caterpillar for accuracy. Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

Caterpillar created in 1977 what some consider one of the finest wheel loaders ever designed. The largest and most powerful Cat front-end loader at the time, the 992C contained the new turbocharged V-12 Model 3412 diesel engine, pushing out 690 flywheel horsepower. So well designed was the 992C wheel loader that it survived virtually unchanged, other than a new 13.5 cubic yard bucket, for its entire career as Caterpillar’s big loader. One of the most unique features of this loader was the newly designed lift arms with the Z-bar linkage. This configuration boosted the 992C’s capacity to an incredible 12.5 cubic yards and 37,000 pounds. Its speed had increased, as well, and it could load a 50-ton-capacity truck in just three passes.

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Production Run

Limited to 500 pieces

Precision Scale



11.5" long, 3.75" wide, 4.5" tall



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