1:48 Cat® 660 Wheel-Tractor Scraper – Die-Cast


Closed Edition

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  • Detailed engine and operator’s station
  • Working scraper bowl
  • Detailed hydraulic system
  • Realistic free-rolling rubber tires
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

Continuing CCM’s tradition of die-cast excellence, our Cat® 660 model features details that our collectors have come to appreciate: accurate markings, mirrors, lights, hydraulic hoses, rubber tires, and handrails that are true to 1:48 scale. Features like a positionable bowl, apron & ejector, functioning goose neck, accurately detailed spill guard, and a detailed engine compartment add to the authenticity of the piece. Each model is individually serial numbered and includes a signed reproduction of the original sales brochure for the machine.

In the early 1960s Caterpillar released the 660, a large capacity three-axle scraper. The single engine 660 Scraper shared many parts with the twin powered 666 as well as similar capacity: 40 yards struck and 54 yards heaped. Equipped with a 560 HP V8 engine and the proven self-adjusting power-shift transmission, the 660 Scraper could reach a top speed of 42 mph. This 55 ton and nearly 60 foot long machine was a very capable earth mover, though the most efficient way to obtain maximum fills included the assistance of two D9’s or similar dozers. A contractor’s favorite, these dependable and durable machines can still be found on job sites today.

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Approx. 14" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H



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