1:48 Cat® 631E Wheel Tractor-Scraper – Die-Cast


Closed Edition

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  • Detailed operator’s cab with opening door
  • Opening engine access panel
  • Working bowl, apron, and ejector
  • Functioning cushion-hitch gooseneck
  • Period-accurate paint and markings
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

Our 631E continues our commitment to pushing the limits of detail and accuracy in a die-cast scale model. We have faithfully captured the unique complexity in these tractor-scrapers by including details such as the functioning cushion-hitch gooseneck; piston actuated bowl, apron, and ejector; full operator’s cab; opening engine access panel; and accurate hydraulic lines and safety rails.

Introduced in the 1980s, the 631E combined speed and mobility with substantial earth-moving prowess. These units handled large capacities of topsoil more effectively than bulldozers, and over larger distances. The 631E came standard with a four-stroke 3408 turbocharged V-8 engine which generated 450 flywheel horsepower and propelled the fully loaded scraper up to 30 mph. This included a direct-injection CAT fuel system with individual, adjustment-free injection pumps, variable injection timing and water jacket aftercooling. A 24-volt electric starting system with an ether starting aid was included for use in cold temperatures. An electric monitoring system oversaw critical functions of engine operation. Tractor and scraper together weighed 95,000 pounds when empty, but over 171,000 pounds when its 75,000 (~31 cubic yds) capacity load was maxed. The scraper could cut as deep as 17.2” with a blade width of nearly 11.5’.

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Production Run

Limited to 750 pieces

Precision Scale



11.75" long, 3.5" wide, 3.75" tall



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