1:48 Cat® 583T Pipelayer


Closed Edition

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  • Fully detailed operators station
  • Individually-linked tracks with tensioners
  • Movable counterweight
  • Functional boom, hook, and winches
  • Accurate paint and markings
  • Includes individual serial number

Our 583T was the largest 1:48 Cat scale model we had produced to date and was also the most detailed. Standard CCM details such as individually linked, free rolling brass tracks, working track tensioners, adjustable boom and rigging and a detailed operators station are of course included. Additionally, the radiator fan can be seen through the grill, a perforated engine cover accesses the precisely replicated engine compartment. Lights, grab handles, perforated decking and hydraulic lines all add to the realism.

225 of the 583T model made without a cab and the remaining 75 models produced with an enclosed cab.

With a 310 hp diesel engine and 140,000-lbs.of lifting capacity, the Cat 583T Pipelayer was designed to lead in a demanding industry. In addition to a clean running C15 Accert engine and an even more durable drivetrain, new machine enhancements include an operator station with one-hand steering control, direction and gear selection. The hook and the boom, driven by independent, variable-speed hydraulic winches, can be controled simultaneously with one hand. Operating weight of the machine is 100,000 lbs.

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Production Run

Limited to 300 pieces

Precision Scale



4.25" long, 7.5" wide, 7" tall



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