Updated D5K2 Photos - Front View

1:24 Cat® D5K2 LGP Dozer – Die-Cast – Contractor’s Collection


Contractor’s Collection
  • 1:24 Scale
  • Die-Cast
  • Production Run: 500
  • Production Year: 2019

Model Dimensions (approximate):

  • Length:  7″
  • Width:  5.25″
  • Height:  4.5″

Introducing the 3rd model in the growing Contractor’s Collection Series, Classic Construction Models presents the Cat® D5K2 LGP in stunning 1:24 scale precision die-cast.  Areas of exceptional detailing on the model include:

• Closed Cab with ROPS
• Opening Cab Door
• Seat-Mounted Joystick Controls
• Foot Pedal Controls
• Detailed Instrumentation
• Hydraulic lines
• Grab/Handrails
• Work Lights
• Windshield Wipers
• Warning/ Safety Labels
• 3-shank ripper
• Engine Access Door
• Individually Linked, Free-Rolling Tracks
• Functional Bogies, Idlers, and Tensioners

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.

Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

From the first cut to finish grade, the D5K2 LGP sets the standard for the most intuitive finish grading tractor in the industry.  Featuring Stable Blade technology and AccuGrade™ Systems on board, you reach grade faster with less operator input, allowing for maximum productivity throughout the shift.  Producing 104 horsepower at 2,200 RPM, the C4.4 engine responds quickly to changing loads and realizes up to a 25% increase in fuel economy over previous machines.  The D5K2 LGP, with an operating weight of 21,266 pounds, is capable of top forward speeds of 5.6 miles per hour and 6.2 MPH in reverse.

Equipped with a Hydrostatic Transmission, the D5K2 LGP is designed to increase productivity with the new button-activated Traction Control feature which reduces track slippage and wear on the undercarriage and contributes to the improved fuel economy realized by the machine.  The intuitive controls and power turn feature improves maneuverability, allowing you to work in tight areas while counter-rotation provides quick steering corrections during side loading applications.

The Power Pitch Blade feature allows the operator to adjust the pitch of the blade to meet various operating conditions, pitching the blade forward for increased penetration or laying the blade back for maximum carrying capacity, all without ever leaving the cab.  With the VPAT blade attached, the D5K2 LGP is ideal for finish grading, backfilling or cutting ditches, windrowing, fill spreading, medium land clearing and heavy dozing.

Additional information


Small Dozer


Cat C4.4 ACERT™

Net Flywheel Power

104 HP @ 2,200RPM

Top Speed (Forward)

5.6 MPH

Top Speed (Reverse)

6.2 MPH

Total Operating Weight

21,266 pounds


14' 1"

Width (Blade)

10' 6"


9' 1"