1:48 Cat® 350L Hydraulic Excavator – Die-cast

This model has not yet been released.
Price TBD

  • Scale:  1:48
  • Material:  Die-cast
  • Production Run: TBD
  • Production Year: TBD

Model Dimensions (approximate):

  • Shipping Length:  10″
  • Shipping Width (Retracted):  3″
  • Shipping Height:  3.1″

Introducing the newest model to join the CCM collection of die-cast replicas, the 350L Hydraulic Excavator in 1:48 scale.  In shipping position, this model measures approximately 10″ long, 3″ wide with tracks retracted, and 3.1″ tall.  Notable features and extensive detailing on this model include:

•  Reach Boom (23′ 8″)
•  R3.6F Stick (11′ 10″)
•  Quick Coupler
•  Excavation bucket attached
•  Trenching bucket included
•  Opening cab door
•  Detailed instrumentation
•  Control levers & foot pedals
•  Seat-mounted joystick controls
•  Opening engine bay
•  Handrails & ladders
•  Accurate hydraulic lines
•  Functional track tensioners
•  Retractable undercarriage
•  Free-rolling track pads

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.

Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

Introduced in 1993 as a replacement for the 235D, this 50-ton machine pushed the limits of production to a newer high, redefining what could be expected from an excavator of this size. Designed for high production applications, the 350L was purpose-built with the choice of either a Reach or Mass Excavator boom and 3 stick options for each boom.

Powered by a 3306 ATAAC air-to-air aftercooled diesel engine producing 286 HP at the flywheel, this machine realized between a 12-32% cost advantage over the 235D due to faster cycle times and better fuel efficiency, while increasing bucket capacity up to 16%.

Configured with a Reach Boom and R4.6F Stick, the 350L maximized the digging envelope and lift capacity, especially useful in general excavation or trenching.  Optional auxiliary hydraulic packages added the flexibility to use various attachments for handling a wide range of jobs.

Additional information


Cat® Hydraulic Excavator


3306 ATAAC


286 HP


Reach Boom (23' 8")


R3.6F Stick (11' 10")


Quick Coupler with Excavating Bucket & Trenching bucket

Maximum Digging Depth

27' 2"

Maximum Digging Reach

40' 7"

Maximum Cut Height

38' 3"

Shipping Length


Shipping Width (Retracted)

12' 1"

Operating Width (Extended)

12' 10"

Shipping Height

12' 4"