Presenting the latest die-cast models to join our family of 1:48 scale precision replicas, the Cat 350L & 350L ME. In shipping position, these highly detailed models measure approximately 10″ long, 3″ wide with tracks retracted, and 3″ tall. 

Introduced in 1993 as a replacement for the 235D, this 50-ton machine pushed the limits of production to a newer high, redefining what could be expected from an excavator of this size. Designed for high production applications, the 350L was purpose-built with the choice of either a Reach or Mass Excavator boom as well as 3 stick options for each boom.

Configured with a Reach boom and R3.6F stick, the 350L model features a quick coupler and includes both an excavating bucket and trenching bucket.

Cat 350L

Purpose-built for Mass Exacation, the 350L ME model is equipped with ME boom, M2.4G stick & severe duty rock bucket, while the cab is protected by the FOGS guards on the window and roof.

Areas of exceptional detailing on these models include an accurately replicated undercarriage with retractable, individually linked tracks which are wrapped around functional drive sprockets and track tensioners. An opening cab door reveals comprehensive instrumentation and operator controls including levers, foot pedals, and seat-mounted joysticks.

Although we are too early to determine production run or pricing, we will keep you up to date on this project with more information as we have it. Select from the images above for more information about each respective model.

7 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:48 Cat® 350L & 350L ME – Die-cast
  • More cranes and trailers /crane loads enough dirt machines for a little while great models of these when u guys put them out. With respect from a fan

  • What a great news, I am very happy, great model
    our collection is growing little by little, now we lack more articulated dumpers, and cat 980c still does not appear.

  • Nice news this, thank you guys, although any 235 series machine would be even more welcome 😉
    My budget says to skip this one over the 375 but let’s see 😀

    Here’s also hoping some matching ADT’s from this era, like the D400E in the second picture… that would be great.

    And yes, more of those classic wheel loaders (or even more recent ones like the 992K) too please… just count for example how many scrapers you have done vs wheel loaders 🙂

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