In anticipation of Caterpillar® reaching its 100-year anniversary, CCM is considering a limited production run of the new Cat D11XE in 1:16 scale. Produced in die-cast metal at 1:16 scale, this highly detailed model would be a centerpiece to commemorate this accomplishment.

This model would measure approximately 26.3″ long x 9.3” wide x 10.8” tall

Costing will, of course, depend on the quantities produced which at this time is an unknown. 

If you have an interest in acquiring this model with its unique combination of size and detail, please let us know.

Built by Caterpillar and engineered for dozers, the D11 XE electric drive powertrain combines optimized power to the ground with durability and ease of service to deliver low cost per ton in dozing applications.

132 thoughts on “D11 XE 1:16 Scale Dozer
  • Wayne Frombach Reply

    I would be interested in acquiring this model. Please let me know when more detailed information is available.

    • Great model. I’ll buy it if I’m still alive if and when it comes out. Love the idea of a big , big dozer. Why doesn’t CCM release a 1:24 scale model of the Cat 797 mining dump. Guaranteed it would sell!

  • 1:16 scale D11?!!! Amazing!!!!!
    How incredible would that look next to my Big Bud 747?!! It would make my Ertl Precision Deere 544J look tiny that’s for sure.

  • I would be interested depending on cost. When would the expected release date be too?

  • Im very interested in this model, please let me know one available and pricing is done

  • I would be interested in purchasing this model please let me know when more information is available.

  • The best and most beautiful news ever.
    And also in this exceptional scale and the best choice for Cat’s 100th birthday.
    I will definitely order one.

  • Excellent news. I say I can’t wait to get one of these models. 1:16 scale – Wow! Put me down for one!

  • Shaun Richardson Reply

    Would definitely purchase one of these 1:16 d11 please put me on the list if possible thanks

  • Andy Richardson Reply

    Please can you keep me updated on this model. I’d like one of these to add to my collection

  • Wallace Johnson Reply

    Please put me on the list if possible.
    I would gladly post a deposit to secure this piece.
    Best regards,
    Wallace Johnson

  • I would be interested in acquiring this model.please let me know when more information is available.

  • A large D11 dozer in a scale even larger than 1:24 would look spectacular for sure, however for the exact scale I am definitely much more keen on 1:18 since that would allow displaying the dozer next to 1:18 diecast cars with the consistency of scale allowing a great comparison of the size differences of the subject matter and just how huge these machines are. For cars among the larger scales 1:18 is by far the most popular scale instead of 1:16 (or 1:24) (with 1:43 being the other popular scale for cars, but on the smaller side). There is even a good assortment of 1:18 trucks and service vehicles so for selecting a larger scale for mining/construction machines 1:18 makes much more sense to me.

    So CCM can you please consider doing this D11 XE in 1:18 scale – thanks 🙂

  • Yes, I’m interested at this point. Of course, price will certainly be a consideration. I have to agree with Uzair above. For many die cast collectors, it would make more sense to produce this in 1/18th scale instead of 1/16th. Sure, 1/16th would be impressive, but doing it in 1/18th would open up a lot of possibilities with other 1/18th scale vehicles. I would think the cost would be slightly less than 1/16th, and you would still have a relatively large model that “fits” with peoples other 1/18th collections. It certainly is worth giving it some thought. In either scale, it will certainly be impressive.


  • bruce Birchall Reply

    I am in! keen on getting one at least depending price.

    If scale is up for debate, I suggest 1/14 as this is the typical scale for RC construction equipment. so lines up nice with the D10T.

  • In addition to my above comment, the dimensions show a narrower width (9.3″) against the 1/24 D11T width of 10.4″ .. is this correct ?

  • Hello I would be interested in acquiring 2 of these models. Please let me know when more detailed information is available.

  • Hello

    I would be interested in one of these models. Price will determine finial decision!

  • Jean-Jerome DAVID Reply

    Hello yes it would certainly be a wonderful model, I have already the 1/24th D-9 and D-11 so a 1/16th model would be great I’m just afraid of the price… :o)

  • Bruce Bloomquist Reply

    I am interested in the D11 Model, and would appreciate more informtion as it becomes available.

  • I think a 1:16 scale of a D-11 would be absolutely awesome! I would definitely be interested in a purchase if actually produced!

  • I am definitely in for at least one of the 1:16 scale D11 dozers. This would be TOTALLY awesome!!!!

  • Dear Gary & Grant, I am definitely in for at least one of the 1:16 scale D11 dozers. This would be TOTALLY awesome!!!! Keep me posted on new developments for this model.
    Mark GEBHARD
    Charlottesville, VA
    Cell: (434)906-3489

  • Hi Gary,
    I am definitely in for at least one D-11 in 1/16 scale!
    Put me on the list. I did not realize requesting a different scale was an option. Based on some of the other comments asking for a change in scale to match their car collection, can I request 1:8 scale to match my car collection?

  • Freddy Hofstetter Reply


    I am very interested in this model, tell me what I have to do to reserve one of these models

    many thanks and best regards
    Freddy Hofstetter

  • OH Yeah!! I would love to have this in my collection. Keep me up to date please!

  • Just don’t forget with the last large scale dozer 1/24th, that so any were damaged in shipping, just think of this headache to ship.

  • What a mega interest in this beautiful model.
    Hopefully they will come up with the info soon.
    I am very curious about the costs and the start of the model.

  • What a great way to commemorate 100 years. I am definitely interested in adding one to my collection. I’ve seen a few suggestions for a change in scale consideration, and although I’d much rather see it in 1:12 keeping with scale jumps the other CAT models have ( 1:48 to 1:24 ), I fear pricing for it would be out of sight. Can’t wait to see this beauty!!

  • I’d also add that I hope in this large scale and for such a special and magnificent model the jackets for the hydraulic cylinders are made of metal instead of plastic. Plastic on the smaller 1/48 models may be acceptable, and not ideal on the 1/24 models, but in my view unacceptable at 1/16 scale and the expected high price of this X11XE.

  • Yes, I would absolutely be interested in at least one. Please make sure the detail and quality is befitting of a model this size and price, and the occasion of Cat’s 100th anniversary.

  • Robert Zentner Reply

    I am very interested in this model. Please let me know when this is coming and pricing. I would like to purchase one.

  • I am sure CCM and their partners can make this the best 1:16 model ever. But there must be no compromise on quality, no plastic to make it less expensive and lighter to ship. The packaging will be a challenge having had the 1:24 disaster. Pricing has to be sensitive, bearing in mind some countries are likely to have a recession within the next year. If all these can be addressed then it will be without question magnificent and I will certainly what one.

  • Hello
    I would be very interested in acquiring this model in 1/16 scale, since I already own other d11 in 1/24 scale always ccm.
    let me know I would be insused thanks

  • I want this desperately! I would definitely purchase 2 depending on cost and also depending on it being brass or diecast.

  • Agree with Dave above – absolutely no plastic and should be of superlative quality in all aspects to do justice to the 100th anniversary commemoration of CAT and the size of the model.

    Based on all the many comments especially compared to the comments on the other recent announcements 1/24 scale 651/657 and 1/48 6090 mining white, it certainly appears the level of interest in this proposed 1/16 D11 XE is mega, and so Gary, Grant, and Nick I hope see this as sufficient to go ahead with announcing it as an actual release 🙂 Should be the most amazing and legendary model in the entire diecast scale model industry.

  • Count me in on the 1:16 D11 XE. I already have the 1:24 D11 and D10.

    Also, please consider a 1:24 D6 XE in the black paint scheme.

    TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

    • Add me to the list. Still waiting for 1:24 D9 dozer and 1:24 657 scraper production.

  • Warren Faircloth Reply

    I am very interested in this model. It would go well with my 1/87 brass model, 1/24 diecast model and my 1/24 brass model D11’s. Pay special attention to the packaging for this large heavy model!

  • arizonatractorboy Reply

    I would love to buy this in 1/16th scale. What a great idea!
    I can’t wait to hear if you are going to do this.

  • I would be interested in acquiring this model. Please let me know when more detailed information is available.

  • Is there a date on this yet? These comments are months old. Would be interested in purchasing as long as price is justifiable for the product. I’m also looking for an XXXL Cat D11 if possible to get in the US. Please advice on this 1/16 version as soon as possible. Would love to add to my collection

  • OK sounds good. But if the larger models such as the First Gear HD-41 and many others of that size and weight in model form are an example, a model of this size will need to be made of steel, not cast muck-metal, Mazac, call it what it is but too mnay of us collectors now own expensive cast models that are being eaten apart by cast metal fatique, age-related chemical reaction call it what it is. But the larger models of such weight as those described and a 1/16th D11 are just too heavy to be made in cast metal. As a 40-year collector. that’s going to be a major consideration fo me at least, judging by the experience of collectors who own cast models many years old only to see them develop metal fatigue or whatever it is and render them valueless. Just my 2 cents worth, but that’s what will determine whether or not I tip in the money I would exewpct to pay for a quality CCM model of this size.

    • Great points Phil – hopefully CCM can address this at some point prior to production.

  • Ein würdiges Modell für das 100-jähririge Jubiläum von Caterpillar. Bin daran interessiert, aber der Preis entscheidet alles. Bleibe weiterhin am Ball zu diesen Projekt und bin gespannt was sich hierzu noch ergibt.

  • Ralph E, Garber Reply

    This will be a great model for the Caterpillar model collectors. The scale is 1/16 which is a very large, but this is for a very special year of Caterpillar scale model.Every one is worried about the Cost, as no one knows get,but i would think it will be in the $3000.00 area. We will take your order. No deposit required.

  • I just pre ordered this from Butch Diggins and I must agree that this is an amazing idea to build such an iconic machine in this scale. However, steel will definitely be the best metal instead of cast for longevity. I see this being a hit so I look forward to getting this model. Also given that it’s perhaps your biggest model can I suggest you’ll consider the packaging and provide us with something substantive to mitigate damages during shipping etc.

  • All we know is they are planning on making one..The Cost and otherfacors have not bee avaiable

  • I don’t like this idea…CCM made D11 in 1:87 scale, 1:48 scale and 1:24 scale…and now you want to make it in 1:16 scale

    I see the collection differently…why not do something in terms of a diorama…a 1:24 scale D11 would be a great combination with other machines…say a 1:24 scale Caterpillar 994 and a 1:24 scale Caterpillar 793 or maybe a larger model…say a Caterpillar 795…how about a 1:24 scale Caterpillar 385?

  • Hi,
    This is an anniversary model due to Caterpillar’s 100th anniversary in 2025.
    The D11XE 1/16 is absolutely one-off!!!
    Ccm continues with the 1/24 scale.

  • Phil Gowenlock makes some very valid points about dissimilar metal & metal fatigue with regard to our particular hobby.
    I have several decades with very large 1/6th RC military where cast & machined aluminum have proven the test of time, even considering continued practical physical operation of the vehicles. It may well be worth cost research on machined aluminum components particularly tracks/grousers/structural frame & undercarriage, idlers etc. I’m of the opinion that steel while surly the toughest will make shipping & eventual display weight rather prohibitive. In any case, I would be thrilled to obtain the 1/16th version, it will definitely outlast me at this point!

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