Our creative forces are something we never set limits on.

We just love a good old fashioned challenge. Because of this, we will take on custom projects that we find intriguing or for a client that needs our special talents. This occasionally takes us outside the realm of construction models. We can manufacture production runs large or small, as well as one-piece originals, for sale, gifts or marketing demonstrators.

Corporate Models

Put our model making skills to work for you. Schutt Industries needed large-scale models of their LTT-Cargo and LTT-Flatdeck trailers to be shown at trade shows and the like. We created custom resin and brass models large enough to show the various functional details of the real equipment, such as working tailgate latches, tie-down rings, stabilizer legs, rubber tires, and a functional suspension. For safe transport of the models we selected custom-fit Pelican cases for each one.


  • Functional tailgate latches
  • Working tie-down rings and stabilizer legs
  • Rubber tires
  • Fuctional suspension
  • Painted in desert tan scheme
  • Custom-fit Pelican transport cases

Awards and Presentations

When presentation pieces and awards of a special nature are needed, we are happy to help. We have the capability to create awards from initial design to final piece, allowing you to give a gift that you can be proud of and which the recipient will cherish for years to come.


  • Custom etching
  • Actual CCM models can be integrated
  • Many materials for the proper look
  • Produced in small or large quantity
  • More details on request